What is journaling in daily life?

Keeping a diary is the act of thinking about your life and writing it every day. It's surprisingly simple, deeply powerful, and yet hardly anyone does it. I've talked to a lot of people who make fun of the idea that keeping a daily diary is surprisingly simple. A diary can help you plan your day or keep track of your projects or hobbies.

Fill it with your favorite movie quotes, notes on recipes you've tried, or reflections on how your kids are growing up. Alternatively, just sit back and write whatever. Trying to write freely, which essentially means writing down your flow of consciousness until you feel like stopping. If it helps you set a timer or start with a common phrase, like This is what happened today, that's fine.

But it's also great to throw your thoughts at random on paper in the form of fragments of disjointed sentences, bullet points or incoherent scribbles. Turn off your internal editor and go to town. As part of your morning creative explosion, use your diary to review and refine your daily to-do list. Review and refine your vision of life and your overall goals.

Do you keep a diary? A diary? Do you notice what's happening in your life right now? Many people use the diary to relieve stress, capture cherished memories while they are fresh, record the historical times they are living and just as a way to take advantage of the time found. If your diary is too big and sleek to travel, then grab a pocket notebook just to get used to scribbling your thoughts while you're on the road. From self-help blogs to famous authors like Deepak Chopra, everyone talks about the life-changing benefits of learning to write a diary. Start with what's in front of you: your laptop or diary, your balcony or desk with your morning coffee.

When you're in an intensely emotional mood, keeping a journal can help you better experience and understand those emotions. Let's explore the importance of keeping a journal and how to incorporate this powerful habit into your daily life. Sometimes you have your nice diary and your scheduled alarms set, and you're ready to sit down and keep a serious diary. Make journaling something different from your phone or laptop, and you might find that you really crave an occasional break from screen time.

You never know when the need to keep a diary will come, so it's safer to keep the diary with you wherever you go. From writing an angry unsent letter when you need to let off steam to outlining ideas for your next quilting project, a journal is your space for whatever you need. In her book “The Artist's Way”, author Julia Cameron talks about a method that can help you keep a diary if you're not sure where to start. You will begin to associate these little indulgences with keeping a diary and they will make your writing time a real pleasure.

I talked to a family member about how I was going through a difficult time and they told me about keeping a diary. Have a list of journaling prompts ready to go in your notebook or in a Word document for days when you don't have words.

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