What are the different types of a journal?

By Intelligent Change 16 minutes read. I have a lot of things left unsaid that I want to tell people and sometimes myself; the free-flowing thought diary can be worked with any blank notebook. What if you wanted to send a letter to your future 50-year-old self or what would you have said to yourself if you were 10 years old?. A book journal can be about your opinion of a particular book or the list of books you may want to read at a certain time (such as a reading list to read).

You can even use it to jot down your favorite quotes or lines to reread them later. If you are a great reader of books or if you like to read and you urge people to read a book because you liked it a lot, then this could be the diary you would want to try. If you're learning to play an instrument or write a song, this could be the diary you should start working on. You can write about the songs you are learning or listening to or even make a playlist.

Writing about your daily practice sessions can help you learn an instrument in a short time. Even if you don't play an instrument, you can make a musical diary to write about your favorite genres, bands and musicians. A menstruation diary can be used to track the monthly cycle, flow, and emotional symptoms. It can help you plan your activities and trips by recording your mood for a month.

It can also help predict your mood for the next month's cycle. Tracking your period can help you remember certain details with your doctor. You can also make him remember his activities during that time of the month. In a bullet journal, bullet points are used as the central structure when taking notes.

Can be used to write things you don't want to forget. Can be used to take notes in meetings, conferences and classrooms. Making it creative so as not to forget them depends on person to person. It can be any way you want it to be.

Not only this, but you can use it to record your goals, plans and to-do lists. A poetry diary is quite easy to maintain if you are an aspiring poet or if you are a poetry lover. You can write down your poetry ideas in the diary so you don't forget them later, or you can write your favorite poems to read them whenever you want. If you want, you can write about your favorite poets.

A travel diary can include the places you have visited, you can write about your experiences. It can be a collection of your adventures and memories. You can even make a list of the places you want to visit. It can be about new things you learn on your trip or the hidden places you find.

It can even be your itinerary. An 18-year-old bibliophile from New Delhi, India. Nishtha loves to try new things, talk, read books, play guitar and uke, and bake. He loves to visit his favorite bubble tea coffee, Got Tea.

She believes that reading books can really have a big impact on one's life. Are you working to become a better version of yourself? Track your personal growth and self-improvement by starting a self-improvement journal. Have a section for each area of your life you want to focus on (health, wellness, confidence, self-esteem, career, finance, etc. Add a habit tracker so you can track and review your progress.

One of the most popular journaling methods is the bullet journal. Thanks to social networks, this type of newspaper has skyrocketed into one of the main creative media outlets shared on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. You've probably seen one of these images at some point. They are usually on a dotted or blank page and look like a planner with cute doodles.

A bullet journal serves as a self-made planner, but you can add much more if you want. Others like to use stickers or found objects, such as magazine clippings, to add a touch of style to their bullet journal. The beauty of this type of diary is that it is completely your design. No vignette journal looks the same because they are physical expressions of our mind and creativity.

Maybe writing down your thoughts isn't for you. After all, we are not all good at expressing our thoughts on paper or have a legible handwriting. If that's the case, you might want to try video recording, a method that could be one of the best therapeutic devices you've ever used. After all, we all feel better when we let off steam with someone, right? Well, the daily video combines that ventilation session with a diary outing.

It is useful to familiarize yourself with the different types of articles published by journals. Although it may seem that there are a large number of types of articles published due to the wide variety of names under which they are published, most published articles are of one of the following types: Original research, review articles, short reports or letters, case studies, methodologies. This is the most common type of journal manuscript used to publish comprehensive research data reports. It can be called original article, research article, research or simply article, depending on the journal.

The Original Research format is suitable for many different fields and different types of studies. Includes full Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion sections. These articles communicate brief reports of original research data that the editors believe will be of interest to many researchers, and are likely to stimulate further research in this field. As they are relatively short, the format is useful for scientists with results that are time-sensitive (for example, those in highly competitive or rapidly changing disciplines).

This format often has strict length limits, so some experimental details may not be published until authors write a full original research manuscript. These documents are also sometimes referred to as brief communications. There are many varieties of magazines listed. It takes less commitment to write, since you can dispense with whole sentences and paragraphs, while having the same challenge of exploring your inner self.

Listography lets you go at your own pace, while The 52 Lists Project challenges you to do one a week during the year. The questions range from “List the ways you can clean up your life for spring in the second” to “List the bad things you did as a child in the first.”. In The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron (one of my favorite twelve-week exercises), she assigns “pages in the morning, three pages first thing each morning of what you want to write, flow of consciousness style. Even if all you have to say is “I don't know what to say, over and over again, you have to fill three pages.

It also requires that you don't revisit the pages until after the course has finished. As a journaling style, write three pages each morning and revisit them depending on the season to reflect, or even just let them be. Here are six types of journals you should keep depending on how much time you want to dedicate to it, how much guidance you need, and what you want to get out of the experience. This type of study is often used in medicine to report the occurrence of previously unknown or emerging pathologies.

Surely there are more than twenty types of journals to take away, since you can write a diary about literally anything. Probably one of the most useful types of journals to create, you can use it to record your initial weight and initial measurements and track your progress. There can be many different types of magazines; you can have a wine magazine, a plant or a project journal or a “anything goes” scribble journal. It is the most popular type of journal forms, since everyone has tasks and lists to complete and mark, but it can be quite pleasing to the eye when the bullet journal is done well, you can mix it up and use calligraphy to fix it or have small scribbles and prints stuck next to your dots and use magic.

markers to highlight the key things you need to look at. A poetry magazine can be combined with other types of magazines, such as the art magazine or the reading magazine. This diary can be a record of your favorite coffee stories, such as your favorite coffee shop, the best coffee you've ever had, and even the type of coffee you like the most. If you're just starting out with journaling, morning pages are one of the best types of journals to choose from.

If you're not sure if keeping a journal is right for you, you may want to discuss the different types of journaling that exist. So how do you decide which type of diary is best for you? Scroll through the list of different types of magazines below and ask yourself which one you are most excited about. Perhaps you should also know that there is a type of psychotherapy called Journal Therapy, and many psychotherapists from different schools of thought practice keeping a diary with their patients. .


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