The Benefits of Keeping a Daily Journal

Writing is an art that can be improved with practice, and keeping a daily journal is an excellent way to do just that. Not only does it help you hone your writing skills, but it also has many personal and historical benefits. It can help you manage anxiety, capture ideas and lessons learned, and even improve your physical health. When you write in a diary every day, you are practicing the art of writing.

This will help you improve your overall communication skills. Keeping a diary can also help you manage anxiety. Journals are a great way to record the stories of today's daily life for tomorrow's generations. You may find yourself with several journals, all intact or lightly touched.

Some people may think that buying books and reading books are two different hobbies, but the same concept applies to journals. You may find yourself drawn to a great newspaper cover and decide you need it. Telling yourself that you “have to” write in your journal can eliminate the feeling of enjoyment from practice if you don't plan sessions intelligently and realistically. Everyone's journaling habits are unique, so it's important to find the right amount of journal entry for you.

Setting goals and becoming more aware of your feelings toward the journal can help. A study from Arak University of Medical Sciences found that keeping a daily diary contributed to a decrease in anxiety in women living with multiple sclerosis, and another study, through PubMed, suggests that keeping a diary can speed recovery for people with psychiatric conditions. When you write in a daily journal, your mental health improves, leading to improvements in your physical health. Work journals help you capture ideas and lessons learned (Dyson company staff keep journals of this type). If you want journal entries that are consistent and collectively tell a story, spontaneous journal entries that are separate and don't always pick up where they left off last time can push that goal away. Being realistic about the amount of time you can write in a journal each week can avoid feeling unnecessary pressure that robs you of the enjoyment of keeping a journal. Even if you only write a few days a week, you can benefit from the positivity it creates. When you write in a daily journal, you can improve your anxiety because it helps you slow down and cope with your stressors at a more manageable pace.

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