How Journaling Can Transform Your Life

Keeping a journal is a powerful tool to help you reach your goals and refine your vision of life. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and your emotions. It can also help you get out of the way of what you really feel inside. At 40, I discovered the power of journaling.

I started expressing my gratitude and saw my blessings multiply. Now, I combine gratitude with perspective to anything I'm writing about. I prefer unlined paper to lined paper, and I also have an iPad app to keep a diary. It's amazing to be able to trace your own evolution - who I was, who I continue to become.

The act of keeping a diary indicates a real effort towards the end you want it to serve. Research even points to the health benefits that can result from keeping a journal, such as increasing immunity and reducing stress. Writing literally anything you can think of in the morning, without having to worry about grammar, is also a great way to make it easier to practice writing a diary without feeling a lot of pressure. The Daily Stoic comes with a companion, The Daily Stoic Journal, which has an attached section for each lesson where you can write your own thoughts.

There are authors and entrepreneurs who have created magazines with predefined sections that you can use to improve your life. Keeping a journal can also help you see the big picture, allowing you to forgive and let go of small transgressions. Writing just three things you're grateful for each night before bed or right after you wake up can dramatically change your mood. If you stay focused on the changes you want to see in your future, you're more likely to put in the work to achieve them.

The Self Journal, created by Cathryn Lavery and Allen Brouwer, helps you achieve your goals and create great ideas. Journaling accelerates your ability to state your goals and refine your vision of life. As you read and rewrite your goals on a daily basis, they will be forged in your subconscious mind. Over time, your dreams and vision will consume your inner world and quickly become your physical reality.

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