How has journaling changed your life?

Keeping a diary has helped me to improve my way of thinking towards the small and big moments of life. I think keeping a diary changed my life because it gives me time to slow down. Often, life can feel like a continuous journey that never has breaks. It makes you a more interesting person over the years and makes you feel more interested in your life.

Keeping a diary brings happiness because it helps us see the forest through the trees. The act of writing helps us prioritize people, places, activities and work that foster joy and meaning in our lives. As part of your morning creative explosion, use your diary to review and refine your daily to-do list. Review and refine your vision of life and your overall goals.

I've been writing a diary for the past 10 years and nothing has come that close to it in terms of keeping my energy flowing and attracting opportunities. Keeping a diary helped me to be clearer in terms of goals and desires. It proved to be a visual aid that helped me understand myself better and evaluate my progress as a person. Keeping a diary works as a coping mechanism for me, as it helps to gain perspective and is a powerful tool for restoring my self-confidence.

Researchers have known for some time the benefits of writing about our experiences. Exposing our concerns, whether on paper or on screen, fights depression, leads to fewer doctor visits and a healthier immune system. It's a thoughtful task, so unlike Netflix, it prevents our brains from collecting dust. It was like writing three wishes and asking the universe to grant them without making any real changes in my life.

The process isn't over, and I'm going to keep making a diary about my future and asking what I want and making the process mine, because it's working. My own hidden struggle, laid bare by the simple exercise of keeping a diary, began my quest to help people build their ethic of rest and live lives of noble leisure. I started taking small steps and putting in the minimum amount of energy that I knew was necessary, and that little act of showing up every day to do one little thing created a significant change in my life. I started writing a diary at the age of 9 and I vividly remember buying a diary in Archie's store, which came with a padlock.

In fact, if you are very depressed about yourself, keeping a diary is a great way to get around this and find out that your life is really worth living. Even if you start a journaling session in a bad mood, the vision that writing brings has a subtle way of shifting your mind towards gratitude. I mainly wrote in a journal about my negative thoughts and I believed that writing them would get them out of my brain and allowed me to move on. As part of your morning and post-work journaling sessions, be sure to include some gratitude in your writing.

Whether it's enhanced creativity or positive physical, emotional or spiritual results, people are reaping the benefits of journaling and are excited to talk about it. You always think you know exactly what others are thinking, but keeping a journal can allow us to slow down enough to start trying to understand someone else's point of view. Going back to number one; when you start writing about your feelings and how situations in your life change your feelings, you gain the ability to start processing those feelings. I resonated with his message of designing a life and a future with which I feel good and committed to giving a real chance to the diary of the 'future self'.

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