Should i journal first thing in the morning?

The morning pages allow you to clear your mind. When you write the top of your head first thing in the morning, the words that spill out on the blank page will no longer take up space in your brain, and you can approach the rest of the day more clearly. Take a second to think about what would have made yesterday better. Could you have handled a situation differently? Did you skip training? You went to bed too late and didn't get enough sleep? Quickly write down 3 things you're thankful for.

Instead of generic answers like being thankful for your family, your health, etc. Otherwise, you'll end up writing the same things every day and that's not as helpful. If you're ready to review your daily routines so you can intentionally set aside time to keep a diary (and have tea), be sure to sign up for the FREE Organize Your 5-Day Week course. Keeping a diary in the morning is different from keeping a diary in the evening.

When you write in the morning, you can impact your mind throughout the day because the day hasn't started yet. Obtaining a useful notebook not only avoids this, but also directly links your purpose of keeping a journal to a physical item. I used to have a black notebook and there were times when I just forgot to write the diary because I didn't see it. To simulate this in your own life, think about the habits you currently have in the morning and place your diary in a place where you won't miss it.

Instead of using my phone and getting feedback, I write my thoughts in a journal before doing anything else. I'm a little late to answer, I'm sure, but personally it seems to me that I need to go back a few years to get some benefit from reading my old journals. Bullet logging is a method to organize your thoughts, to-do lists, reminders, and future events by tracking them throughout the day. Whether it's your first day back to work after a vacation or you're usually feeling a little depressed, this morning notice can help you change your perspective.

As a busy working mother, I often forget to stop and stay still with my thoughts, which is why I have started writing a diary every morning with a cup of hot tea next to me. I have also had the same numbers, I have all these diaries, I start writing for a few weeks and then I stop and never touch it again. Whenever you're in a routine, a morning exploration of how you want to feel (rather than what you want to achieve) is a great first step towards improving your mood. It usually involves looking at the first or last entry in an old journal or finding a specific date (such as my birthday or anniversary) to see what I wrote.

Each course includes in-depth lessons and step-by-step projects to help you develop your video-to-video skills and create incredible journal pages. By making your challenges the focus of your morning diary, you are “eating the frog” but in a more conscious way. With amazement, I went to buy another one and did something I had never done before: I wrote on the last page of the newspaper. Accessing these thoughts immediately in the morning with a diary will give you more clarity and understanding of what you were learning while you were sleeping.

If you are going to write a diary in the morning, set aside a realistic amount of time it will take to do so.

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