What is the best journal to write?

When most people think of the best journals to write, they think of Moleskine. This is the legendary brand of simple, elegant and luxurious notebooks loved by celebrities such as Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso and even Vincent van Gogh. Amazon has its own imitation of the classic Moleskine available at a very reasonable price, often much less than a legitimate Moleskine would make you lose. You can choose from hundreds of manufacturer-specific magazines such as Lemome, Leuchtturm1917 and BestSelf Co.

And great newspapers such as a Moleskine newspaper, Wreck This Journal, The Self Journal or a freedom journal by John Lee Dumas are published regularly. Of course, not everyone wants to spend “extra” money on really stylish notebooks or journals, and this Five Star College lined notebook is the perfect multifunctional journal for “utilities”. If starting a bulleted journal sounds like work or if you like a more minimalist approach, stick to a classic version or a spiral-bound journal. Keeping a journal, like free writing, is a stream of conscious writing that can boost creativity and thinking.

This slim leather writing journal is refillable so you can easily remove the pages and replace them with new ones. Perhaps you should also know that there is a type of psychotherapy called Journal Therapy, and many psychotherapists from different schools of thought practice journaling with their patients. A journal serves to write down your ideas, while a notebook is more useful for taking notes in meetings, interviews, and even on to-do lists. Available in four classic colors (gray, brown, black and blue), in addition to mint, you'll like this notebook because it sits flat, has an elastic band to keep it closed and a pencil holder, so you'll always be ready to write with all your heart.

Below are the highlights of some of the best writing journals with options that affect all budgets and purposes. Unlined journals allow free form writing and scribbling, and Becca Piastrelli, author of the upcoming book Root %26 Ritual, loves this one from Magic of I. As you may have guessed, any type of journal increases your awareness and attention in the area of your journaling efforts, leading you to a better understand it and make it easier progress in that area of life. This is a good choice if you're ready to update bargain priced wire-bound school notebooks and make your diary feel a little more special, but you're still not sure if a hardcover journal is right for you.

It's hard to know what to record in a journal entry, let alone find time to write a detailed entry your day. The British company Dailygreatness offers many different journals and planners based on specific individual needs, from a “wellness diary” to a “yoga planner”, but its original and undated 90-day planner and diary is a good starting point.

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